Successful companies are build by successful people. Your company needs the most talented, ambitious and determined individuals in order to thrive.

BIG FISH is Headhunting Denmark's Highest Achievers.

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Headhunting the Highest Achievers for Businesses in Denmark

In the past, companies have settled for who they believe is “the right candidate”, as they have only looked within a very small number of applicants. By widening our search criteria, BIG FISH Headhunters will find quality, professional people for your business, leaving you confident you have reached the right recruitment decision.
With offices spread all over Denmark and with an in depth knowledge of Danish Business, BIG FISH Headhunters are ideally placed to help you locate and attract the best possible candidates to your business.
BIG FISH Headhunters specialise in going the extra mile to find exactly the candidate to suit your business. Using industry contacts and numerous research methods, we know precisely where to look for your desired person. Successful companies know that we are not only the most time-effective way to fill a role, but also the most thorough.
We’re experts at filling roles, which require a wealth of professionalism and dedication. The people we place will give your company a burst of inspiration, and a wealth of experience to help the company accomplish their goals.

We already know the 'BIG FISH' of your industry.


You’re keeping on top of your competitors, clients, customers and your market.


We're keeping track of high flyers and what’s making them successful - what skills and contacts do they have that could be used to preserve or improve your business.

The candidates.

Continuing to climb the career ladder.

Reputation is Everything! – We want to make your life as easy as possible when searching for a job and to walk away remembering BIG FISH in the right way.

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    At BIG FISH, we always look to build equally long-term relationships with our candidates as well as our clients. We truly believe that happily placed candidates will not only use us again when thinking about changing jobs, but also as their careers progress and they need to hire.

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    Searching for a new position can be challenging, but it should also be an exciting process. We swim side-by-side with you every inch of the way, so you can benefit from our experience and industry expertise.

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    This expertise and specialisation is highly valued by our clients and has allowed us to build strong relationships with many of the main employers within each niche.

We are based all over Denmark, and our knowledge of local business cannot be beaten. We are accessible and professional, but above all we are successful.