Catching the BIG FISH

Slow retrieve, fast retrieve, jigging – your presentation is dependent on the type of position/candidate you are trying to attract; hourly, exempt, professional and executive level candidates all require different presentations and bait.

Just like learning where the bass are located in a specific body of water, in recruiting location is also specific to the type of candidate your are seeking. How do I reach the type of candidate we need? What channels would we use: niche job boards, social media, referrals, direct contact? In what mix? Recruiting engineering professionals requires a different plan or strategy and mix of media than recruiting an a Again, the more experience or training you have the more efficient you become at fishing for the target candidate/employee.

In order to save time and money to achieve their desired results some fishermen will hire a professional fishing guide. Not just any guide – a qualified guide – one who is on the water daily, knows where the fish are, knows the ideal weather conditions and knows which bait to use to catch the desired fish.

Likewise, an employer looking to hire the best candidate can hire their own professional guide – a company like Availability, Inc. We are professional recruiters who know where the best candidates are, we know the current job market and what it will take to attract the best candidates and we have the expertise, skills to attract the most qualified candidate for your job – a top catch – a keeper.

Using our years of experience, focus and determination, Availability navigates the waters of the candidate pool and presents you with the best catch.
And as an added bonus, we practice catch and release – we filter out candidates who don\’t meet the minimum qualifications for your job so you only see the top catch and we work to find an appropriate placement for the candidates not selected for your job.

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