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BIG FISH is for you if you are growing and want to expand into new markets, services or products . We’re also for you if you are expanding your team and need to keep the pipeline full. BIG FISH is even for you if things are going great right now, and you’re just looking to optimize your results or automate what’s already working.

Why Use BIG FISH Headhunters?

If you are finding traditional recruitment methods are no longer yielding high calibre candidates, you are not alone, and BIG FISH Headhunters are here to help.
Why is this?

Denmark is home to 6 million people and with more and more new jobs expected to be created, the most important business resource over the next 10 years will be talent: smart, sophisticated commercial people, who are technologically literate, and operationally agile.

But as demand is increasing conversely the supply of talent is dwindling.

How will you win in this war for talent?

Within each organisation there is a core of well qualified and happy individuals who are not actively looking to change position and are therefore not reading adverts or applying to recruitment agencies.

Headhunters differ from recruitment agencies in that they specifically target these key individuals who tend to be the higher achievers.

Organisations tend to look after their key employees (big fish), however, when approached directly by a professional headhunter, these individuals will listen to opportunities and will move if the role is attractive. Using headhunters is the only way for clients to access this potentially rich source of candidates.

The BIG FISH Headhunters team has an in depth understanding of Danish Business and a proven track record in locating and attracting key individuals for businesses in all sectors and across all disciplines.

More and more, successful businesses in Denmark are turning to BIG FISH Headhunters to fill key roles within their organizations.

Mikkel Jensen


Martine Hansen

Head of Research

Morten Frederiksen


Learn more about BIG FISH’s unique approach to finding talent.

At BIG FISH Headhunters we are Talent Mapping ALL DAY - EVERY DAY.

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    Talent Mapping

    You’re keeping on top of your competitors, clients, customers and your market; but how much attention is being paid to the people in your industry?

    Are you keeping track of the BIG FISH and what’s making them successful? How do they view your company as a potential employer? What skills and contacts do they have that could be used to preserve or improve your business?

    These important questions should be addressed on a regular basis if you’re a business leader. And furthermore, the appropriate strategy should be implemented – Talent Mapping.

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    Why is it important?

    Business can be turbulent when you have a multitude of factors that can suddenly deviate and affect the performance of your company. Therefore, it’s vitally important to plan ahead with your workforce to limit the severity of any changes to your business’s internal or external environments.

    When a business finds itself having to adapt and respond flexibly to a situation, it needs the right people in the right places, yesterday. Talent mapping means you already know exactly what skills are required and where you can find them, within or outside your organisation, this saving you valuable time and money.

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    When is it useful?

    Mapping out talent in your business and industry as a whole comes in useful when processes such as succession planning, organisation restructuring and employee benchmarking are on the agenda.

    However, you’ll benefit the most from talent mapping when you’re hit with a sudden need for talented personnel.

    We Talent Map for ALL of our clients. From the first day we partner up. We dont ask for a long lasting partnership with our clients - we build it. This makes us unique.

“Since using Big Fish, our over all numbers were up close to 10% last year. Thank you Big Fish continually optimizing our sales department with the best talent”

Annette Lind

Sales Manager

BIG FISH and Lars Flodgaard have been amazing, very professional and understood my exact needs to place me in the perfect role. If you are looking to make a move then BIG FISH should be your first port of call.

Christian B.


I have found Lars Flodgaard and BIG FISH Recruitment to be a highly professional and responsive business to work with. Diligent and thorough with constant communication ensuring the entire process runs smoothly on all sides. Highly recommended.

Peter Hansen


Despite us having our own internal recruitment team, we did need to use an external resource for some of our more difficult roles and BIG FISH excelled at successfully resourcing every job we registered with them - efficiently and with a very smooth interaction with our internal recruitment team. Highly Recommend!


IT Director

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