Who Relies on Big Fish Recruitment?

Market Leader? Or do you want to be? You are in the Right Place!


The days of long old-school recruitment processes are over! We have worked on projects ranging from 1 position to hundreds of positions to fill per year. “No candidates are interested” or “I needed that vacancy filled yesterday” sound familiar – we understand the need for speed!


In this fast changing business environment companies need a recruitment partner that invests time to get to know their business and is able to change together.


By setting high standards for our sourcing and headhunting consultants we are here to help you save your valuable time and focus on what brings you more business. We always strive for “less candidates – but all suitable!”


Many of our clients have difficult positions to fill. Often they cannot be advertised or advertising brings no results. Sometimes you need specific market knowledge to pinpoint the right people for your organisation. In any scenario – confidentiality is our primary responsibility.

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We advise

We put ourselves in candidate’s shoes to help you understand the market and identify what motives the ideal candidate to join your company.

We are real

Our approach is refreshingly honest, passionate and no-nonsense.
Of course we work hard, but at the same time we’re not ones to take ourselves too seriously.

Most importantly - we know

1) where to find candidates for you and

2) what motivates them to join your company.

Recruitment plain & simple

We find talent! Why? Because our consultants have long been experts in the industries we work with and also because we do this 24/7! From common to niche positions – meaning there are only a couple of candidates to fill hundreds of vacancies – we have been successfully delivering complex recruitment projects in the region. And it’s now time for a new challenge!

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Bolt on expertise for short term needs

Employee leasing can cure bottle necks, provide a chop out in the event of an employee who is sick, on holiday or suddenly departs.

Try before you buy

We don’t view Employee leasing as a less quality option than a permanent hire. Rather it’s situational, where the candidate or client has a different set of needs. Either way, all candidates on our books are vetted just the same and go through a thorough process to ensure they are “job ready”.

Cost effective

We have a dedicated team who specialises in Employee leasing. They are responsible for identifying, evaluating and placing flexible talent solutions.
  • We cover PI/PL, work cover, payroll and administration costs.
  • All candidates are thoroughly evaluated.
  • We use the latest in technology to provide a streamline process ensuring a great candidate / client experience.
  • Employee leasing to permanent employment transition

Employee leasing / temporary employment solutions

Great way to reduce headcount without losing valuable staff, or to overcome short term market fluctuations. Or both!

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  • Job Description production
  • Ad writing and posting
  • Social media marketing
  • Market Mapping
  • Headhunting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Phone & CV screening
  • Long / Shortlisting
  • Advanced assessments including technical and psychometric testing
  • Police checks
  • Verification of qualifications & visa requirements
  • Off / on site interviewing with reports
  • Reference Checking
  • Mobilisation services such as pre-employment medicals, inductions and on boarding
  • Employee Payroll

Difference in methodology

As your business needs change, so does your talent strategy. Using a modular framework that is agile and flexible we can plug any gaps and fill any need within your business. We ensure that any service solution is tailored to meet your brand and value proposition. So in a sense we become part of your business for however long you need us.

Cost effective

Its a cost effective and flexible option for changing business needs. You can fully leverage BIG FISH’s Recruitment IP and capability to quickly deploy much needed grunt to any part of your process.

Unbundled Services - A deconstructed recruitment solution

We understand that there are parts of the Talent Acquisition process you do in-house. We work well with internal and external recruitment functions. We can provide specific services tailored and integrate them with your system.

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Brand, Employer and Value propositioning

Recruitment is not just HR but its marketing. We balance the convergence of these functions.

Measurable Results

Not just numbers but actionable insights. We utilise a Build, Deploy, Test & Iterate framework.

Lastly and most importantly

is Candidate experience. In the end what we do is facilitate interactions, we connect people to an idea, a brand, a concept. Its in these interactions that hold the key to good experiences.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

During volatile economic times we have found creative solutions for our customers to focus on core business activities by: assisting in the development of HR strategy, partnering with HR teams to develop employer branding schemes, customised recruitment projects, re-thinking of sourcing strategies and candidate screening models, and many more outstanding initiatives where our customer is our partner every step of the way.

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43 percent of Danish businesses have between 1 and 5 recruitment agencies on their preferred suppliers list.

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54 percent of organisations find a shortage of skill to be their biggest obstacle to attracting the best talent.

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60 percent of danish businesses plan to do more graduate recruitments in the next 1-5 years.

You can't catch the big fish by skimming the surface.

BIG FISH has assembled the best recruiters in the business (a bit like the avengers but with less lycra) and tasked them with finding the perfect candidates for you. So send us your job briefs and let us do the rest.
Retained headhunting works best when the target list of companies ca n be easily defined. If a client is looking for an individual with a specific skill set, or from a competitive organisation, then headhunting is normally the best methodology.
Our process is simple, yet robust, and our clients are able to track every step of our progress through our secure password protected client area.

After meeting with you and gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, we will research your competitors and other relevant companies to decide which are most likely to contain your ideal candidate.
The next stage is to identify the high achievers within these target businesses and approach them directly presenting your opportunity to them.

The result of every approach is documented and available for you to see via our secure client area, meaning, you will always be fully informed and feel in control of the process as we always deliver a transparent, confidential and discrete service to our clients.

All interested candidates are then put through a series of phone calls and face-to-face interviews with your BIG FISH Headhunters Managing Consultant and undergo psychometric profiling before the shortlist is forwarded to you.

The shortlist contains detailed CVs for each candidate, in depth interview notes and psychometric reports as well as salary requirements and reasons for interest in your vacant role, putting you in the ideal position to secure the candidate you want.

Our whole-of-market approach to headhunting means we source from an infinite pool of passive candidates; individuals who are happy in their current roles but open to hearing about exciting new opportunities like yours, without the restrictions that apply to specialists and traditional recruitment agencies.